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IconNew Features in ManagePro Version 12
IconOn-line Help
IconManagePro Ribbon/Toolbar
IconGetting Started - Administrator Rights
IconControlling User Visability and Editing Rights
IconPrintable Help File
IconKnown Limitations
IconAnalytics Overview
IconAccessing Dashboards
IconAttaching Documents
IconAttaching Documents Fields and Descriptions
IconBusiness Groups
IconAdding Business Groups
IconAssigning People to Business Groups as Members
IconAssigning People Visibility to One or More Business Groups
IconAssigning Business Groups to Records
IconBusiness Group Filter
IconCalendar Preferences
IconCalculated Fields
IconCalculated Fields - How do you include them in a View or Details Form
IconCalculated Fields - Examples
IconCalculated Fields - Expression
IconCalculated Fields - Selected User
IconDocument Management Overview
IconDocuments Tab
IconDocument Management Mechanics in the Plus vs. Smart Version
IconDrag and Drop, Overview
IconDrag and Drop onto Mpro Records/Goals
IconDrag and Drop, Goals from one section to another
IconDrag and Drop onto Tabs in the User Data/List View
IconDrag and Drop onto the People and Meetings tab
IconDrag and Drop onto Mpro Calendar
IconEmail Ins and Outs
IconEmail Preferences
IconAuto Email on Save Goals, Progress and Todos
IconCalendar, Email Directly From
IconWorking with Email Formats
IconDrag and Drop Emails with Attachments
IconMProOutlookAddinGuide (Outlook Add-In 32-bit)
IconMProOutlookAddinx64InstallGuideandOverview (Outlook Add-In 64-bit)
IconFilters in ManagePro
IconManage Filters
IconManage Filter Conditions
IconLead Person Filter
IconHide or Show Done Items
IconGantt Chart View
IconGantt Chart Toolbar
IconGantt View Side-tabs
IconGantt Chart Linking Records
IconGantt Chart Zoom In and Out
IconGantt Chart Print View
IconPrint Options, Gantt Chart
IconImporting in ManagePro
IconImport Goals
IconImport CSV
IconImport Outline Level
IconImport, CSV Predecessor Mapping
IconImporting Related Data to Existing Records Unique ID
IconImport People "Who"
IconImport from Outlook
IconImport Picklist Values
IconImport Reports
IconImport Timecard Entries, Main Workspace
IconImport Timecard Entries, Timecard Tab
IconMulti-Edit Overview
IconMulti-Edit Overview > Multi-Edit Who
IconMulti-Edit Overview > Multi-Pick List
IconMulti-Edit Overview > Push Repetitive Processes into the Future
IconMulti-Edit Overview > Working with MPro Database Templates
IconMulti-Edit Overview > Working with Templates/Repetitive Tasks
IconActive Directory
IconAdding a Pick-List Color Globe
IconAdding Company Logo
IconAdding Customized Fields to a View
IconAdding Feedback & Recognition
IconAdding Goals vs. Action Steps vs. Tasks
IconAdding Meetings
IconAdding New Users
IconAdding Pictures in Personnel Profiles
IconAdjust Tree Dates
IconAdjusting Column Widths
IconAdvanced: Detail Reports
IconAlerts for Todos and Events
IconAssignment of People, Meetings and Business Groups
IconAttaching URL's
IconAudit Trail
IconAuto Backups
IconAutomatic Status Configuration
IconBackup a Database
IconBaseline Value
IconBorderline Performance
IconBreadcrumb Replacement for Tabs
IconBuild Number
IconBuilding or Adding a Pivot Table
IconChanging a Goal Type
IconCharting Capabilities
IconColumns, Changing Width
IconColumns, Moving
IconConfiguring a View
IconConfiguring Custom Fields in the Details Window
IconConfiguring Feedback & Recognition
IconConfiguring Flat List Views
IconCopy & Paste Functions in ManagePro
IconControlling User Visability & Access Rights in ManagePro
IconCreate a Report Header
IconCreating & Editing Recurring Events in ManagePro
IconCreating a CSV File from Excel Spreadsheets
IconCreating a Graphic Output
IconCreating a Meeting Agenda View
IconCreating a New Report
IconCreating Custom Reports Using the Report Designer
IconCustom Tabs
IconCustomization Overview
IconCustomize Fields, Overview
IconCustomize Pick List Fields
IconCustomizing Existing Fields
IconCustomizing Views & Record Details Using View Configuration
IconScorecard Graphics
IconDashboard Configuration
IconDelete & Undelete
IconDelete Users
IconDesignate Fields as Read-Only/Freeze or Lock Fields
IconDisable All System Roll-ups and Force All Automatic Fields to Manual Entry
IconDisable Check for Updates
IconDisplay Date Range
IconDisplay Options
IconDisplaying Page Numbers and Current Date
IconDownloading your DB from our Secure FTP Site
IconDue Date
IconDue Date in Rest of Week Filter
IconEdit Details
IconEditing Terminology
IconEditing, In-Place
IconEmployee ID
IconEnable Email Notifications
IconEnable or Disable User Password
IconEnhanced Security
IconExpanded Dashboard Configuration
IconExtended Right Click Menu Items Added to the Notes View
IconExternal Data Connections
IconFeedback & Recognition
IconField 2 Over-ride
IconField Additions
IconField Audit
IconFinal Steps
IconFind & Search
IconFit to Page
IconGeneral Defaults
IconGeneral Preferences
IconGeneral Preferences, Todos
IconGoal Details Side-tabs
IconGoal Status
IconGoal Type - Records
IconGroupWise Synchronization
IconHide Time Displayed on Todos & Events
IconHigh Performance
IconHow to Configure the Main Workspace
IconHow to Copy a Database to a New PC
IconHow to include Related Data
IconHow to Order Custom Reports
IconIcon Descriptions
IconIndividual Resourcing
IconInsert Image
IconInsert Time Stamp
IconInserting Graphics, Long Text Fields
IconKeyboard Commands
IconLandscape Mode
IconLast Progress Update Options
IconLead Performance Review Dashboard
IconLead Person
IconLock out
IconLocks & Access Rights
IconLogin ID
IconLong Text Fields
IconLow Performance
IconMain Workspace View
IconMain Workspace View Side-tabs
IconMaking Todos and Events Private
IconManagePro Start up and Synchronization
IconManagePro Upgrade and Installation
IconMap View
IconMap View Side-tabs
IconMarking Documents as Private
IconMeasurement Basis
IconMPro 10
IconNew Database
IconOpen Database
IconOther View Options & Fixed Columns
IconOutlook Add-In
IconOutlook Synchronization
IconPage Header Setup
IconPasswords, How to Change
IconPaste Special
IconPeople & Meetings
IconPeople & Meetings Right-Click Options
IconPercent Complete
IconPercentage Field Formatting
IconPerformance and Internal Usage Metrics Wizard
IconPerformance Review Checkbox
IconPerformance Wizard, Internal Usage Example
IconPost Comments to Progress Updates
IconPreparing your CSV file
IconPrint Current View or Selection
IconPrint Options
IconPrint Outline
IconPrint Preview
IconPrinting Feedback & Recognition
IconPrivate Calendar Items
IconPrivate Documents
IconPrivate, configuring or removing the private checkbox
IconPrivate, Designating Records As
IconProgram Button/File Menu
IconProgress Update Template
IconProgress Updates
IconProgress Updates Category
IconProgress Updates, Graphical Results Output
IconQuick Access Toolbar
IconQuick Report Layout Configuration, Current View
IconQuick Report Layout Configuration, Related Data
IconQuick Reports
IconRecord Details
IconRecord Details > Create Item
IconRecord ID/Automatic Numbering system
IconRelated Data
IconRelated Goal
IconRemove Headers and Footers
IconReset Sort Order
IconReset Window Layout
IconResource Allocation
IconResource Allocation Overview
IconResource Allocation Overview > Establishing Work Schedules and Global Holidays
IconResource Allocation Overview > Individual Task Resourcing
IconResource Allocation Overview > Personnel Allocation
IconResource Allocation Overview > Project Portfolio Resource & Capacity Planning
IconResource Allocation Overview > Resource Color Coding
IconRestore SQL Backup
IconRight Click Options Quick Reference
IconRight-click Menu Options
IconRight-click Menu Options, Todos and Events
IconRight Click Multi-Edit Set Record Checkboxes
IconRoll ups and Over-rides
IconSave As Options
IconScorecard Performance Metrics Production
IconScorecard View
IconScorecard View Side-tabs
IconScorecard, Internal Usage
IconSearch Sub-Records Option
IconSelect Display Skin
IconSelect Layout
IconSending Text Messages in ManagePro
IconSet Record Calculated Results to be the Sum of All Progress Update Results
IconSetting up Feedback & Recognition
IconSetting Your Language Format and Keyboard Language
IconSharePoint, Overview and Configuration
IconShow Tips on Startup
IconSort Data in Columns
IconStart Date and Due Dates
IconStrategic Plan Highlight
IconStrategic Plan/Alignment
IconStrategic Scorecard
IconStrategic Scorecard Map
IconStrategy Execution
IconSub-goals are the Children of Specified Parent Filter
IconSync Alert Options
IconSync to Outlook Business Rules
IconTime Report Options
IconTimecard Entry Options
IconTodo Common Values
IconTodos & Tasks
IconTotal Hours on Timecards
IconUpload Database to PST
IconUser and Meetings Filter
IconUser Data List View
IconUser Lists Right-Click Options
IconUser-Defined Fields
IconVersion History - Documents
IconView Strategic Alignment
IconWatchList Overview
IconWatchlist Preferences
IconWatchList Quick Steps
IconWatchlList Email Notifications
IconWeighted Average Score
IconWho, Assigning All Users
IconWho, Assigning Lead Person
IconWho, Assigning Meetings
IconWho, Assigning People
IconWho, Assigning People to Meetings
IconWorking with Field Mapping between ManagePro and Outlook - Events
IconWorking with Field Mapping between ManagePro and Outlook - Todos
IconWorking with Filters
IconWorking With Pre-defined & User Defined Field Formatting
IconWorking with the WatchList
IconWorking with Timecards
IconWorking with Window Layout
IconWorkspace Tab Configuration
IconNew Feature v11 - Business Name & Logo
IconNew Feature v11 - Customize From Simple to Complete
IconNew Feature v11 - Hyperlinks
IconNew Feature v11 - Portal
IconNew Feature v11 - New Progress Update Tools
IconNew Feature v11 - New Text Editor
IconNew Feature v11 - Related Goal Link
IconNew Feature v11 - MPro and Outlook Sync Prompts
IconNew Feature v11 - Templates
IconNew Feature v11 - People & Meetings Multi-Edit
IconNew Feature v11 - Two Main Workspace Multi-Edit Options
IconNew Feature v11 - The "Lead Who" Field
IconNew Feature v11 - Record Type Options & Terminology Editor Update
IconNew Feature v11 - Expression (Excel) Functions for Date-Based Fields
IconNew Feature v11 - Recording Outbound Email
IconNew Feature v11 - Added a Dependency Linking and Notification function
IconNew Feature v11 - New Work Week (WW) field
IconNew Feature v11 - A New Data Sweep function
IconNew Feature v11 - Search by Text
IconNew Feature v11 -Additional Features

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