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ManagePro Cloud – Software as a Service for Managing Projects and People

MProCloud brings the full suite of tools to the cloud project management software area. It delivers the complete set of ManagePro management software features for managing projects, tasks and people’s performance, achieving an unparalleled level of visibility and accountability. That means you have all the functionality of our desktop application in the cloud, not a form factor that is defined by what your browser will support.

This allows us to provide a much greater breath of functionality than the typical cloud software for project management using a Citrix Receiver interface from your pc or tablet to the cloud. We also offer a web-based lighter version of our ManagePro project management cloud software called MProLite. You can find out more information about it here.

Extremely versatile in its configuration, it supports each business group to configure the application and screen display as best fits them, while still tying everyone’s work into overarching organizational structure, objectives and strategy. It provides a single-source environment to manage all of your projects, your team and the details that make it all work. It is a complete cloud solution for project management needs for management and their teams covering a wide range of industry verticals.

MProCloud offers the additional advantages of:

  • Centralized database located on a web server hosted by Performance Solutions Technology, or your local web server (within your firewall)
  • Ease of installation and maintenance from an IT support requirement – no local installation of ManagePro required, just a simple install of Citrix XenApp
  • ManagePro uses a Microsoft 2012 SQL database hosted on a web server, in a secure, controlled environment, plus provides ongoing database backups
  • No synchronization with others is required to have immediate visibility, coordination and collaboration
  • MProCloud is not device dependent; with the preferred platform being either a PC, Mac or tablet, including any combination from work to home
  • There is an optional Outlook Addin available for synchronizing your calendar and to-do list with MS Outlook, but even more importantly it supports dragging and dropping email into your projects in ManagePro as progress updates, to-dos or events
  • Note: MProCloud can be used as the exclusive ManagePro product by a workgroup, business team or an organization, but you can also add:

  • Users operating with ManagePro Plus licenses (Users needing to use the program without the requirement of internet access) and
  • MProLite users (browser based, less functionality and lower cost), and even

Security: The servers upon which MProCloud (and MProLite) are hosted, are managed in a secure facility that is audited with SSAE16 Type2. Each customer organization uses their own independent database (there is not sharing of database structure by multiple customers) with a separate SQL login and password. Cloud users are authenticated by Windows authentication and then ManagePro authentication including username, password and company name to connect to their database. The Cloud client is served up to the user through a SSL connect using IIS 7 and Citrix XenApp 6.5 to provide a secure login into the customer’s database. Citrix XenApp Receiver requires port 1494 to be open on the user’s firewall. Our Server profile is a Windows 2008R2 Server with SQL 2012, 2x Quad Core processors, 16 GB of RAM and redundant RAID hard drives.


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Bottom Line: If you are looking for a complete set of cloud tools and solutions for project management, and your scope of needs means you need flexibility of design and breadth of functionality, then you need MProCloud. MProCloud is a cloud-based project and performance management software solution that integrates task, project, portfolio & performance management and collaboration, along with strategic planning, into one central cloud solution for project management, to literally manage the “it all” from one work space.

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